Propel is building a world-class marketing capability. This service works by creating a minimum viable proposition and forming a feedback loop with our subscribers, to incrementally build a platform of world-class marketing services for Associates and Market Centres alike. Most importantly, we surveyed every Keller Williams UK Market Centre and Associates to gauge what you need, and what you want to pay for it. Through your feedback, we have been able to craft tiered packages that grant you more access, collateral, and bespoke services depending on how much you are willing to spend.

When building Propel, we had several options about how to proceed. We could launch late in 2021 after investing a considerable amount of cash into building our proposition over the coming months. We could make it exclusive to a specific few who were willing to pay a lot to access Propel. Or, we could make this service available and affordable to everyone at Keller Williams UK, allowing us to grow from delivering a minimum viable service right now to creating a full-service agency over the next few months.

We chose the latter option because we want to build this for all of our Associates and it is the Keller Williams way to lead with revenue, whilst allowing us to work directly with you to craft a truly unique, bespoke service. Our plans are massive, but we will get there through incremental steps, and with your help.

You can see our roadmap, offering, and price list in our Brochure.

Simon Leadbetter