State of your Company – 15th July 2021

Ben Taylor – Introduction

Ben’s coach told him – “The reason July is so important is because it’s halftime.”

Look at what you have done over the first half of the year, both professionally and personally, and assess what you need to start doing and stop doing to stay on track for your end of the year goals.

KW Worldwide Growth

6 continents, 53 regions, 167,494 Associates US & Canada, 14,543 Associates international.

KWUK Growth

12 Market Centres, 456 Associates.

Targeting a number of new Market Centres to open in 2021.

Ben’s market update

We are looking at 7-8% market appreciation across the country by the end of 2021.

Build a database that will give you the numbers you need regardless of the strength of the market. Build local and build your market share.

We are set to continue with a reasonably strong market for the foreseeable.

June was stronger than May, regardless of Stamp Duty, all but ending for most buyers.

Another record-breaking quarter for our Associates

Closed units +316% yoy

Gross Commission Income +619% yoy

Growth Share +316%

Growth in the number of KWUK business owners across the UK.

Records broken for Listings Taken Units, Listings Taken Volume and Closed Volume.

Growth Share Q2 2021:

+30% on Q1 2021

+680% on Q2 2020

Mark Readings – Technology Update

KW Vision – A new portal for Associates to engage directly with their customers, currently under construction. Test piloting of KW Vision in KW Prime starts on Monday 19th July, intending to launch fully at KW Prime at the start of August. The full rollout of KW Vision is scheduled for early September for all Market Centres across the UK.

Wayne Albutt – Training & Events Update

Mega Camp, 23rd – 26th August 2021. 2021’s biggest event for estate agency, featuring incredible keynote speakers, insightful breakout sessions, and interviews with mega-agents.

Andrew Benn – Operations Update

KWUK’s partnership with Homesearch – A strategic partnership to bring our Associates a data, prospecting and reporting platform.

KWUK are subsidising all UK Associates to use Homesearch for free and the direct mail prospecting at a massive discount for six months, with discounts for another eighteen months afterwards.

Investing £100pm will return an average of 5009% ROI.

Talk to your Market Centre leadership about how you can claim this exclusive discount with Homesearch.

One more thing…

In October, we are introducing Royalty Caps – 100% of commission including Growth Share.

KWUK Q2 Performance – Celebrating Market Centre & Associate Success

Top KWUK Market Centres Q2 2021

Agent Growth – KW Plus

Gross Commission Income growth quarter on quarter – KW Weybridge

Total Gross Commission Income in Q2 – KW Prime

Top KWUK Associates Q2 2021

Listings (Sales) – Michael Bailey

Listings (Lettings) – Jamie Hutton

Number of Sales Completions – Dominic Marcel

Lettings Move-ins – Liam McCarten

Gross Commission Income – Alex Harvey