Town Hall Summary, 16th September 2021

Ben’s Market Summary

Buyer demand remains strong despite the August slowdown in the activity created by summer holiday distractions.

All predictions are that there will be an autumn bounce in seller activity and prices across the UK.

These market conditions mean that homeowners who have yet to come to market and address their new housing needs should act soon to get a better chance of a quick sale at a good price to be in their new home before Christmas. 

The average property price coming to market fell by 0.3% (-£1,076) this month, driven by a 0.8% drop in the upper-end, typically four-bedroom-plus sector. In contrast, there are new record price highs in the mass-market sectors made up of twobedroom and fewer first-time-buyer-type properties, up by £1,328 (+0.6%) and three to fourbedroom second-stepper-type properties, up by £975 (+0.3%), where activity remains very strong. The Scottish market seems to be mirroring England in this.

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KWUK performance in August

At the end of August, KWUK has 390 agents & 478 Associates.

August saw a slowing post-stamp duty and summer holidays, but pipelines for September and the final quarter of the year look strong.

Introducing Shannon Selig to KW, our new Director of Training and Productivity

Shannon joins us to build on our success to date and develop a truly world-class training calendar. Shannon brings a deep knowledge of the Keller way, having worked with Keller Williams in both the US and France since she was 23. Shannon is ready to hit the ground running and deliver world-class education to every member of KW.

Starting in November, Ignite 2.0 is coming from the US to the UK for the first time. More thought leaders from KW in the US will be joining our programme of training to impart their knowledge to you.

Agents in focus – Emily Henaghen & Jason Jones

Ben talked to two Associates at very different stages of their journey, both with some fabulous successes, learnings and Ahas to share.

Emily Henaghen – Joined KW October 2020 KW Scotia Market Centre

“Starting any business is hard. There were many elements that I was unprepared for. I was worried people wouldn’t take me as seriously as the ‘traditional’ idea of an estate agent. My Market Centre Team Leaders pushed me and challenged my beliefs. I started creating video content and being myself on camera. The changes since have been amazing.”

Jason Jones Joined KW March 2020 KW Warwick Market Centre

“I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t enjoying estate agency, then realised that UK estate agency is transactional, it isn’t relationship-based. The pandemic allowed me to dive into the training. I had no idea how much training KW had to offer. The camaraderie and sharing of knowledge at KW are unbelievable. I had a lot of limiting beliefs; culture is what gave me the confidence to succeed. “

Q&A with Ben and the Regional Leadership Team

What are other industry leaders saying about the KW model?
“I spend a lot of time talking to other industry leaders. The language has changed from 3-4 years ago, from “that won’t work in the UK” to “this is quite interesting” to now where they say “everyone is trying to do it your way!”

Where can we learn more about KW AI and KW Auctions?
“Both services are live but to date have had a ‘soft launch’ as we wanted to make sure they worked as expected. You can find information about KW AI on KW Auctions is being updated soon after rigorous testing. We will send out an email shortly to explain more.”

Where are we at with KW Vision? 
“We will be launching in KW Plus on 1
st October, with more Market Centres to follow depending on how the pilot launch goes. Full rollout to start on 25th October in all Market Centres.”

I’m still experiencing the “Keller, who?” How can we help change that?
There is a lot less of that compared to 3-4 years ago. This business is built to power your business. We are trying to grow and add value as fast as possible to build your brand, which powers the KW brand. As we all grow, people start to understand what we are all about, creating more opportunities and leverage to continue growing. In time, we will do more direct marketing about what KW is about, but for now, we want to focus on our Associates’ success locally.”

What is your personal Aha from last month?
“Use the four tools: Your GPS, 411, Organisational Chart & growth plan. Study the models before you take that first step. Have a big enough vision to inspire the type of talent that wants to join your team. Build a team that gives you back time to do the things you love in business and life. My number one Aha is to have clarity of vision.”

State of Your Company – 21/10/2021

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