State of Your Company summary for Q3.

Keller Williams UK and Worldwide 

  • Keller Williams Worldwide Update:
  • 6 continents
  • 190,000 Associates in the US & Canada
  • 14,089 Associates outside the US & Canada, +23.1% YoY
  • Currently, Keller Williams has 495 Associates and 12 Market Centres across the UK. 
  • Growth targets for the remainder of 2021:
  • Open a handful of Market Centres before the end of the year.
  • By the end of 2022, we will double, if not triple our MC count across the UK.
  • Our big target is to hit 50 Market Centres in the UK by the end of 2022.

Market Summary & Q3 Performance 

The property market in Q3:

  • 1.8% increase in house prices, the biggest autumn rise since October 2015.
  • There is a big opportunity to buy before a potential rise in interest rates. 
  • Sales agreed is up 15.2% in September from 2019’s ‘normal market’ comparison.
  • The number of new properties coming to market is up from summer, but not enough to satisfy the strong autumn buyer demand.
  • “Your ability to develop relationships with your clients will be crucial in this potentially shifting market.”

At the end of September 2021:

  • Total Associate count +129% YoY
  • Closed Units +235% YoY
  • Closed Units Per Associate +176% YoY
  • Closed Volume +317% YoY
  • Closed Volume Per Associate +240% YoY
  • Listings Sold Units +278% YoY
  • Closed Lease Units +384% YoY
  • Contracts Written +303% YoY
  • Gross Commission Income +332% YoY
  • Regional Growth Share +332% YoY
  • Growth Share in Q3 2021 is up 332% on Q3 2020

Value Proposition – New services in Q3

Marketing with Andrew Benn 

  • The Marketing Calendar is a free and accessible calendar for all Associates to provide you with four posts and one post inspiration per week, ensuring you are posting every single day. You can access all marketing materials in the D marketing folder via google drive or the link in KW Agent.
  • The Stationery Store is live today and has everything you need to run your business. You can access it via KW Agent or at You can download templates for stationery, boards, leaflets, notepads, envelopes and more, as well as order printed materials direct from the store. Additional templates will be added shortly that will tie into the Marketing Calendar. We are working on integrating the store with KW Vision to help you achieve seamless direct delivery to your clients.
  • Homesearch – Keller Williams UK is subsidising all KW Associates for 6 months (Aug 21 – Jan 22) for the free use of Homesearch’s services. Homesearch CEO Sam Hunter also joined to talk through the benefits of all the services Homesearch has to offer.

Technology with Charlotte Macleod, representing Mark Readings

  • KW Vision is now fully live in KW Plus. Plans are to launch in KW Bromley and KW Oxygen next, and all other Market Centres by mid-November.

Training with Shannon Selig

  • Weekly training is delivered from the Region and within Market Centres.
  • Business Planning Clinics will be delivered via Zoom on 26th October, 16th November & 7th December, helping you to get your business ready for 2022
  • Ignite 2.0 will arrive in the UK on November 8th and is well worth attending even if you’ve done Ignite before. This is different and will help you start or grow your business.
  • Family Reunion is coming on February 19th-22nd 2022 live in Orlando, Florida as well as virtually. 

Royalty with Ben Taylor 

  • 100% commission, including Growth Share, launched on 1 October, meaning that once you cap, you will receive all commission, excluding the 2% for Growth Share

Agents in focus – Nataliya and Sherko

Ben talked to two Associates at very different stages of their journey, both with successes, learnings and Aha’s to share.

Sherko Zen-Aloush ran branches for corporate agencies before joining KW in August. Built great personal relationships, but couldn’t benefit from those relationships in a corporate structure. The KW model has helped Sherko to move from transactional to truly relationship-based business.

Follow Sherko’s journey:

On LinkedIn – 

On Facebook –

Nataliya Makhonina-Byrdan started her business in February during Covid lockdown. Started slowly and learned along the journey. Keller Williams provided the businessbuilding knowledge to help her build sustained growth. Nataliya’s advice is to ”Focus on The MREA, start with your One Thing. Do it, implement it, then select the next thing. All of the answers are in The MREA.”

Follow Nataliya’s journey: 

On LinkedIn

Quarterly Market Centre and Associate Awards with Diane Griffin

Top Keller Williams Market Centres, Q3 2021

  • Agent Growth – KW Aspire
  • GCI growth Quarter on Quarter – KW Caledonia
  • Total GCI – KW Prime

Top Keller Williams Associates, Q3 2021

  • Listings (Sales) – Mac Cheema
  • Listings (Lettings) – Jamie Hutton
  • Sales Completions – Michael Bailey
  • Lettings MoveIns – Liam McCarten
  • GCI – Michael Bailey
  • Cappers this Quarter – Nick Burger, Luke Gilbert, Simon Hills, Elle Osborne, Joshua Smith, Sam Illingworth, Michael Bailey, Jamie Hutton, Paul Dunford-Brown


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