Tell us about your business and fitness journeys.

I started working as an estate agent at Townends in 2006. After two years, the financial crash meant that I would earn more by transferring to lettings, which I did. Eventually, I moved to Croydon, which made commuting to Townends exhausting. I decided to join Leaders in Croydon, where I worked for 12 years. I started at the bottom of lettings and worked my way up to lettings manager. Four years ago, leaders moved towards sales and asked me to spearhead their sales team. We overachieved year on year, which lead me to become a branch manager for an over £1 million office.

In 2017 I was contemplating going at it alone and opened a business which I didn’t end up nurturing properly. The stability of a comfortable income stopped me from leaping. I needed to understand that my clients were coming for me, not the brand I worked for. People were coming for my service, which helped me build enough confidence to take the plunge. I joined Keller Williams in December 2019 but I didn’t start my business right away because I was cautious.

Keller Williams invited me to do the Ignite Course in Victoria, which blew my mind. I couldn’t believe how much information they were giving away for free, to anyone who turned up. It made me decide this was the right time, so I set to work and started my business with Keller Williams in April of this year.

On the fitness side of things, I have always been passionate about being healthy. I worked in a health spa, which came with the bonus of a free gym membership, and quickly found that I loved helping people achieve their goals. There is real satisfaction in assisting people in visualising, pursuing, and achieving their targets. There is a lot of crossover with real estate in that sense, as you are giving a customer the confidence and assistance to achieve their dreams.

This ethos was the reason why my partner and I started our company, Team Fitness, which stands for: Together Everyone Achieves More. We run 30-45 minute zoom sessions that anyone can join. There is no need to turn on your camera or mic if you aren’t comfortable, we love to create a friendly environment where we can chat with you about your progress. We speak to you before and after sessions to make sure you get the proper consultation, even if you don’t fancy chatting while we work out.

Much like estate agency, our goal is to build a rapport with you, to help you make your dreams come true. We create a roadmap and work towards your goals together.

How did exercise help you in the first lockdown?

Lockdown was difficult for me. Like many others, I fell off the wagon a bit, ate lots, and started feeling love handles coming in. I thought “Jesus, what’s going on!” I knew I could look after myself even though I was stuck at home, so I designed a daily 30-minute program to burn 300 calories. I started eating healthy, doing high-intensity training regularly and taking pictures of myself to document progress.

I had to set a goal and make working towards it a habit. Everyone has different goals, but achieving them always starts with committing on day one to changing your mind-set bit by bit. I told myself I could spare 30 minutes in my day, so I started by taking the kids for a walk every morning and developed my routine from there. I got my body back to where I wanted it to be, then brought dumbbells to train for competitions, meaning I’ll soon be able to compete again.

My partner and I started helping our friends train over Zoom, which was the real beginnings of Team Fitness. We have trained and studied how to teach people to exercise and track their fitness journey properly. As long as you give 100%, you will improve when you commit to a routine. I consult with people regularly, much like real estate, to understand their ambitions and set goals which will enhance their overall fitness and happiness. I enjoy fitness and real estate in the same way – we make people happy. I have been logging my fitness journey so that I can show people that it is achievable. If I can do it, you can do it too.

How important is it to exercise while working from home?

In any line of work, you need a moment to pause, to take out the stress of the day. I believe you can do that in 30 minutes; it is not a process that takes hours. It might not even be exercising for you, make sure you take time in the day to relax, refresh and regroup.

I get up early to exercise because it releases endorphins, and opens my body up for the day. At first, during the lockdown, I wasn’t setting my alarm, I wasn’t getting dressed appropriately, and I wasn’t getting much done. I decided I needed to reset. Even though the pandemic was happening, I needed to act in the way I usually do. This meant getting back into my routine, which led me back into fitness. I wake up at six, have an exercise session, take care of the kids, then get to work.

I talk with people about their goals and what they want to achieve in their week. After that 30-45 minute session, we can relax, reset, and get into our work with a clear head. If you are in a rut, exercise can help refresh your mind as well as your body. You don’t even need to do a full-on workout, go for a walk instead. You can even make work of it and drop some leaflets while you’re on the way!

Why Keller Williams, what is it that is unique about Keller Williams that keeps you here?

I’ll have been at Keller Williams a year this April, everything about our ethos and our USP keeps me here. I’ve been in this industry since 2006, so I’ve seen all kinds of training. The level of training supplied by Keller Williams is mind-blowing, and they’re giving it away for free! Most companies would charge a lot for anything remotely like what Keller Williams offers, but they want everyone to succeed. They teach the Keller Williams formula because they genuinely believe in how much it can help you.

I’m self-employed, I have control of my time, meaning I can set time aside to be with my family and construct workouts. Keller Williams gives you targets, but it isn’t the same at the high-street pressure to do things in their exact way. I’ve had access to so much valuable information through Keller Williams, allowing me to give my unique service to my clients, not controlled by the stringent targets and numbers game. I now work how I work in fitness, through building a trust that you can’t achieve on the high-street. I love to be involved in people’s dreams, with Keller Williams, I get to deal with people throughout the whole cycle of their property venture.

We work to make money, but we are doing it for the right reason. People ask “why are you giving me all of this care and information when I might not even give you my business?” I say it’s because if I can help you out, I’ll feel happy. It’s not about that specific deal, but about building a relationship that will last 10, 20, 30 years. Following the Keller Williams model, I want to be the person you think of when you decide to go into the market. This freedom to be me generates referrals because my clients are buying into me, not the brand above me.

If I put in 110%, I get that back in results, if I put in 20%, I get that back, and I know why. Like fitness, I set long term goals, work back to a starting point, and improve incrementally. You need to step back, in business and in fitness, to assess what you need to do to be your best self. You can do this at Keller Williams because of the supportive network around you. The high street is hyper-competitive; no one would help you if you have issues or concerns. There is a real supportive family around you at Keller Williams; they are always on hand to lend support and guidance.

Tell us more about Team Fitness.

My partner and I run sessions seven days a week; I can’t take all of the credit! We run sessions Monday to Friday at 7:30 am 12:00 pm, 5:00 pm, and 7 pm. Saturdays and Sunday we run sessions at 10:00 am and 12:00 pm. You can find all of our sessions and links to join over at our Instagram – @t.e.a.m.fitness_company. Monday, Wednesday and Friday do weight training, whereas Tuesday and Thursday are cardio sessions. Saturday is a mixture of our sessions for a full-body workout, and Sunday we do abs sessions.

We offer a wide variety depending on your preference, and you can participate in sessions without needing weights. We started this business in August, and have been growing in leaps and bounds. If you are ever uncomfortable with being on camera or talking, there is zero pressure, you can do the session with your mic muted and camera off. As long as you can follow along, please feel free to talk when comfortable, or message us directly.

Our sessions last between 30-45 minutes, giving you the 30-minute workout along with an extra 15 to warm up and cool down. We will be releasing downloadable exercises soon, but we are concentrating on the live sessions right now because that is what our audience loves doing.

I’ve thrown up a couple of workouts on our Instagram so you can try it out, for example, the Lucky Seven workout – seven different exercises, seven reps, seven times. I do it in 32 minutes, but it isn’t a race. You aren’t competing with my partner and I, be the best you can be, and we will help you along the way. We are here to make you accountable, should you want that. Everyone’s body and genes are different. Put what you can into it, and you will see results, just like the Keller Williams ethos!

As a member of the KWUK Family, I am keen to run a T.E.A.M Fitness session exclusively for KWUK members who are looking to grow. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to keep fit, strong, and at the top of your game. Focus and accountability are essential, we at a T.E.A.M Fitness are on hand to provide you with both.

Our website is coming soon, but for now, you can find everything we have spoken about on our Instagram page – @t.e.a.m.fitness_company