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Welcome to KiloWatt, produced by Propel. KiloWatt is the Keller Williams UK internal newsletter, in which we communicate all of the technology, training, marketing and operational support that is available to Associates and Market Centres alike. Also, look out for our special edition publications – MegaWatt and GigaWatt – for big announcements, updates, and publications.

Propel have worked closely with the KWUK Regional Leadership team to create a publication that is truly valuable and informative for Associates and Market Centres. It also offers the unique opportunity to reiterate the KW vision, models, people, culture, technology, training, marketing, and operational leverage to every single person in KWUK.

We publish new additions of KiloWatt every Monday at 9am, so sign up if you haven’t already, and watch your inbox. Propel is sharing the KW energy, sign up to KiloWatt today.

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