Your Jet subscription includes everything in the Propeller subscription, with enhancements, and six additional elements.


How-to Guides

You have access to a range of How-to Guides on our website. Propel has developed each guide to help you get the most of your marketing activity and social media (which is free media). We have also included advice about when the best times to post are. Propel will continue to add more guides over time. These guides will cover video, digital marketing, public relations, content marketing etc. Please watch out for updates. 


Campaign Assets

Campaign assets are included and updated regularly. Both copy and creative are personalised to your business. All assets are available in your Google Drive, which you will receive a link to once you have subscribed. Including visuals with your social media posts helps build brand equity (your brand and the wider KW brand), business awareness, and engagement with your local market. Asset updates are communicated via WhatsApp and KiloWatt (Newsletter). 

We aim to provide six campaigns per year, which are all phased around consumer interest and market data that you can leverage to help grow your business. #StrongerTogether

Email and Direct Mail Content

Email and direct mail content (for 8×8, 33 Touch and 12 Direct) is provided for you to load and manage into Nurture. Based on your database, you can respond accordingly to your customers and prospects in an appropriately personalised way. Nurture training is available to all Associates; please speak to your Market Centre to find out more. You are in control of managing any activity you generate with Propel creative, content and the Nurture technology. 


Jet Subscribers: 


Additional services: 

You consent for Propel to access your Social Media accounts, we will post on your behalf and provide you with a monthly report, to help grow your business. Please read the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to provide further details about how this works. With access to your Social Media, the Propel team will schedule regular posts, then work with you to ensure you are following, liking, commenting, and engaging with chosen local organisations and commentators. You still have full access to your accounts and can engage and respond to your enquiries as you see fit. We will post 3 times per week for each platform (Where it is sensible to do so. Occasionally this means we do not do so on Instagram to avoid repetition of images in their grid).

Email and direct mail content (professionally written scripts for for 8×8, 33 Touch and 12 Direct) will be provided for you, loaded into your Nurture and managed under your direction by Propel. You manage your customer data. Nurture training is available to all Associates. 

Additional elements: 


Public Relations

Our Public Relations team will distribute two press releases per month that will be personalised to you (with a quote) to build awareness and establish you as an informed property consultant in your area. By providing us with a local media list, we can include local publications in distribution on your behalf. Please send your suggestions to the Propel Account Team. 



The Propel team can develop a series of Videos (x4 per year from one filming) for you (talking head/s, house tour and iconic landmarks of your local area). Initially, we will supply a guide to help you get the most out of the medium, provide platform advice and help you get prepared to launch video content. These video assets are also available to be used to enhance awareness and engagement with your social media. During lockdown smartphone videos of you are fine. We will edit them.


Jet subscribers will have Homesearch included in their subscription. Typically, this is £155 per month on its own, but £110 to KWUK Associates and £75 to Propeller Subscribers. Costs are significantly below what it would cost you as an individual Associate because we facilitate access to local home data, targeting and reduced postal rates Training is provided, please watch out for key training dates. Homesearch is an outsourced service that you direct, and they do it for you. Postage is not included because numbers vary locally. 

Homesearch are lobbying hard, along with other property interested parties to get Scottish home data included in the platform (Propel will advise more when we know more.)

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing – Jet subscribers will have access to personalised paid advertisement templates, upon request. Each template is designed for advertising on Rightmove and Zoopla etc., which can be personalised to your business and contact details. Subscribers will also be able to request an SEO audit for their personal website. This will provide subscribers with recommendations to improve page ranking when people search for you.

Local Newsletter – Coming soon

Propel will provide you (Q2) with a personalised Local Newsletter template design for integration into your 8×8, 33 Touch and 12 Direct, local distribution or media-based distribution. It allows you to invite and join with local collaborators/advertisers/partners of your choosing. It is designed and created for you – either to post or distribute locally. Media distribution comes at an extra cost based on your choice of media and/or postcodes.

Thought Leadership – Coming soon

Thought leadership (Q2) is digital collateral based on local insight to post on social media to help support your presence as a consultant, knowledgeable about property matters in your area.


Other elements included within your Jet subscription:

  • Receipt of the KiloWatt Newsletter, every Monday
  • Membership of the Propel Subscriber WhatsApp Groupfor notifications
  • Invitation to the Weekly Surgeries for the Propel Community – every Thursday at 12.30-13.30


Other benefits: 


Address Intelligence

Jet subscribers will get access to discounted National Direct Mail Campaigns that KW and Propel will run on your behalf via our Partner, Address Intelligence. This activity aims to provide brand awareness, local awareness and lead generation for your response, qualification, and conversion into production. As a subscriber, you will get a discounted price and receive these campaigns at a reduced postage price (60p-70p versus 85p) including all paper, ink, envelopes, and entry into the Royal Mail. Postage is based on your chosen postcode volume. Details will be made available shortly.


Massively scale your outreach by using state of the art AI to replicate your handwriting. Handwritten letters generate very high open rates, increase memorability, and give your client the feeling of genuine human contact. Provide a sample of your handwriting, choose your message, and generate thousands of handwritten letters to send to your clients.


As a Propel subscriber, you will get access to discounted Photography, floor plan and EPC rating information through Ehouse. Find out more on our ehouse photography page.


As a Propel subscriber, you will have discounted rates for national and local advertising. 


Contact us


If you would like to discuss how you can subscribe to Propel, please book some time in with Andy Clarke, Propel’s Business Director, here: Alternatively, contact Andy at or 07946 730319.

If you have any questions regarding your current subscription, please contact Iza Albutt at or on 07719 137472.

For bespoke marketing (outside of the above) requests or any other enquiries, please email