About Propel Marketing Consultancy (aka Propel)

Alongside the Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs and Perspectives we have our own mission, vision and values as a Keller Williams UK’s marketing agency.

Our mission

We want to create an environment where each of us will thrive and craft something of which we can be proud. Using our collective skill, experience, and knowledge, we bring creativity, innovation, passion, and quality to our work. Together, we make a difference for our subscribers’ businesses.

Our vision

We want to make the Keller Williams story ubiquitous across all channels, amongst stakeholders, media, investors, entrepreneurs, agents and householders, to maximise brand awareness, interest and advocacy.

Our values

Empathy – of those we work with and support
Humility – in our area of expertise
Service – servant leadership of those we work with and support
Mastery – in our area of expertise
Purpose – to be the best marketing agency in the property industry, globally