I wish I knew then what I know now

Before writing anything for this issue, I considered how best you could benefit from reading it, which led me to ask myself what I wish I knew earlier in my estate agency journey. I discovered these personal truths that manifested through my experience, ones I wished I had focused on more from day one.

1. ‘Follow Models.’ Success in this business is achieved faster and more consistently through following models of successful people before us. Use models before creativity.

2. ‘Hindsight is for the blind and ignorant’.’ Sometimes we think back retrospectively, or in hindsight, and often say, ‘If I knew then what I know now!’ The only way for this to not happen again in the future is to engage daily with the mindset of moving from E to P. Being purposeful each day whilst leveraging our lessons learned and those of other great agents and businesspeople. This mindset will never cause us to consider hindsight as a failure but look fondly back at our journey of success, recognise our current reality, and help us align our journey onward. Hindsight is a reality of ignorance and missteps, and fortunately, we are part of an organisation with overwhelming knowledge and knowhow. Make today Day One of the rest of your personal and business life and embrace being purposeful.

3. ‘We are first and foremost in the People Business.’ Many Agents, especially agents new to the business, will seek out initial ‘confidence’ in learning to know all there is about estate agency. This will get you some distance but will not take you to where you want to be in the fastest possible way or in the most profitable way. Estate agency is easy when you are part of the biggest global estate agency globally, as information is a simple call or text message away. Even armed with all this real estate knowledge, certain Agents with different skills always rise to the top. Common traits with many a top Agent and estate agency business owners are highly skilled at starting, building and maintaining meaningful relationships with people. Some people have said that behind the door of every property, there is a homeowner, tenant or landlord. I say, ‘No, these are people who stand in ‘front of the door – people first.’

4. ‘Important versus urgent.’ It’s not a chicken and egg theory. ‘Important is the ‘Big Rock.’ Keller Williams has phenomenal books and educational courses on ‘Activity Management’, systems and tools to leverage for scale, balance and counterbalance. If you find your life feels like running around like a headless chicken, then it probably means that you are reactive to that which seems urgent. This is most often the result of a lack of focus on that which is important – taking care of that which is Important first and foremost (whilst leveraging systems) generally ensures, over time, the depletion of anything becoming urgent. If you are dealing with a lot of urgency in your life, then see this as an opportunity to realise, and dig deep into what is important. If in doubt, read The One Thing and the MREA.

5. ‘There is no such thing as luck in the Estate Agency game.’ Often we celebrate with colleagues and even hear them say how ‘lucky’ they were with this deal or that deal, or this listing or that referral. There is no such thing as luck. In Keller Williams, or any intelligent business, we should be diligently knowing and tracking our numbers and conversion rates (which in itself is a number). Every single deal, listing, referral or any other success we achieve can be tracked in our numbers. Behind every number is the actual activity, and every single activity ever carried out by an agent leads to potential future success or actual current success. Feeling luck had something to do with your success is simply acknowledging your inability to recognise your previous activity or tracking thereof. Activity leads to success, now and tomorrow, and focus on the right activities at the right time compounds your success.

Wayne Albutt