The phantom Tenancy Claim

We have all had calls from time to time from people wanting to talk to us about the (non-existent) accident we were involved in so that they can help us claim for the (also non-existent) serious injury that we suffered as a result. We live in a ‘claim’ society and those of us that work every day trying to do the right thing need to protect ourselves.

This morning I had an email from a business called Tenancy Claim. They were encouraging me to make a claim against my, you’ve guessed it, non-existent landlord/Letting Agent for not protecting my deposit correctly.

Laughable, maybe, but serious too. There are significant penalties for getting things wrong in lettings, and we know that there are organisations out there encouraging customers to claim. Working with KW Move gives you the protection and peace of mind for your business that you need. If you don’t currently work with us, please contact me if you’d like a free, noobligation health check on your lettings business.

Paul Sloan
Operations Director, KWUK