Welcome to the fortyninth issue of KWUK’s KiloWatt. This week’s Message From the Regional Leadership comes from our Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Benn, who explains the first of five facts of life that you need to succeed as a property professional.

October’s State of Your Company is one month away. Join the Keller Williams UK family, Ben Taylor and the Regional Leadership to look back over the past quarter.

Invite your friends, family, and peers to this open session, where you will learn about KWUK’s progress over quarter one, exciting new announcements, and success stories from across the KWUK family.

The session will be running from 4:00-4:4.45 pm on Thursday 21st October; we look forward to seeing you there.

This Week in Bullets

  • Message from the Regional Leadership – Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Benn shares one “fact of life” you must know when working in the property industry.

  • Marketing Update The New Brand Style and your October Social Media Calendar are both live.

  • KW Move – Another unfortunate fact of life, this time, arrears in lettings. Operations Director Paul Sloan explains how KW Move keeps tenants honest and landlords happy when it comes to the “A” word.

  • Technology Update – KW Vision announcement.

  • Opportunities – New roles available in Central London, Leeds & the Regional Office in Weybridge. We also have exciting new opportunities within our Marketing and Technology teams.

History of Keller Williams

2002Mark Willis appointed president. KWR is named seventh largest real estate company by REAL Trends.



Quote of the Week

“To-do lists tend to be long; success lists are short. One pulls you in all directions; the other aims you in a specific direction. One is a disorganised directory and the other is an organised directive. If a list isn’t built around success, then that’s not where it takes you. If your to-do list contains everything, then it’s probably taking you everywhere but where you really want to go”

– Gary Keller, The One Thing, Page 35

Culture in Action

17. Making decisions that are right for the Market Centre regardless of individual impact – there is no “I” in TEAM.


Company Currency – The portion of the payment commissions split the Market Centre keeps. The Market Centre uses Company Currency to pay its bills and to make a profit.

I hope you enjoy this week’s issue of KiloWatt as much as we enjoyed making it.


Matt Healing
Content Lead, KWUK & Editor, KiloWatt matt.healing@kwuk.com