Welcome to the fortyeighth issue of KWUK’s KiloWatt. Thank you to all of you who attended this month’s Town Hall yesterday, you can find a summary and link to the full recording here. This week’s Message from the Regional Leadership comes from our CEO Ben Taylor, who talks about the value of learning and growing, and introduces us to KW’s new Director of Training and Productivity, Shannon Selig.

This Week in Bullets

  • Message from the Regional Leadership – Ben Taylor introduces our new Director of Training and Productivity.

  • Marketing Update The Summer Campaign, New Brand Style and your September Social Media Calendar are all live.

  • KW Move – Great news for the Lettings industry as Evictions return to normal on 1st October.

  • Technology Update – KW Vision announcement.

  • Opportunities – New roles available in Central London, Leeds & the Regional Office in Weybridge. We also have exciting new opportunities within our Marketing and Technology teams.

History of Keller Williams

2001KWR named Most Innovative Property Company by Inman News.

Quote of the Week

“Success is actually a short race—a sprint fueled by discipline just long enough for habit to kick in and take over.”

– Gary Keller, The One Thing, Page 55

Culture in Action

16. In building an expansion network, never recruiting Associates from any KW Market Centre without discussing it with and receiving prior approval from both Team Leaders.


Career Growth Initiative A suite of interconnected value tools that provides agents an unprecedented view into their business, so they know exactly what needs to be accomplished in order to achieve all-new levels of production and profitability.

I hope you enjoy this week’s issue of KiloWatt as much as we enjoyed making it.


Matt Healing
Content Lead, KWUK & Editor, KiloWatt matt.healing@kwuk.com