Great news for Lettings, Evictions return to normal on 1st October

Reading about the Government’s plans to return tenant evictions to normal from 1st October (which is excellent news for the lettings industry), it occurred to me that landlords with our Rent and Legal Protection would probably not be overly concerned either way.

Of course, they will have their rent paid for up to 15 months arrears, which is plenty of time for eviction to happen under any circumstances. They will also be resting easily in the knowledge that their legal bills will be non-existent.

Compare and contrast that happy situation to an uncovered landlord that has a tenant not paying rent. Over the past year and a half, it has taken an average of 8 months to evict a tenant. At a typical rent of £1250 per month, the total bill facing the landlord could easily be over £13,000. If you operate in an area with higher rents, you can do your maths.

Suddenly, £399, including insurance premium tax, feels like money very well spent for your landlord and high-quality advice from you.

Paul Sloan
Operations Director, KWUK