KW Vision Announcement

As announced at Town Hall yesterday afternoon, we are releasing a test environment for KW Vision. 

Your account will be from our latest Reapit extract from the 7th of July 2021. Any data you have added to Reapit post this date will not be displayed in your account. As a test platform, there will be bugs in the data and operationally. In fact, we have left a few in to make sure you are testing.

This is not replacing Reapit as of today. It is for you to test and become familiar with the software. There will be a webinar on Wednesday 25th of August at 4:00 pm for you to see the key features and ask any questions. This will be added to your Market Centre calendars shortly.

UN: your ‘’ email address
PW: URL: Vision123
Note: Please change the password when you login

If you have joined KW after the 7th of July 2021, you can test the platform using the following test account (your data will not be included)

PW: URL: Vision123

Note: Please do not change the password when you login


Vision demo webinar:
4pm, Wednesday 25 August

We are currently creating ‘how to’ videos to help you navigate the platform, and we will share access to view these on a Google Drive link shortly.

Mark Readings,

Chief Technology Officer, KWUK