Welcome to the forty-fifth issue of KWUK’s KiloWatt. Thank you to everyone who attended Mega Camp 2021; you can find our Mega Camp summary below to catch up on all of the festivities. This week’s Message from the Regional Leadership comes from Chief Operating Officer Andrew Benn. Andrew speaks about how you can invest in your lead generation through KW’s new partnership with Homesearch.

Those who participate in Growth Share will be pleased to see that your quarterly payments arrived earlier this week. Over fifty Associates benefited from Growth Share in Q2 to the tune of £27,000 shared, a 38% increase in earnings from Q1. These exciting figures are just the beginning of potential earnings as more and more KW Associates begin participating in Growth Share. If you are interested in learning more about participating in Growth Share, please contact our Regional Development Director, Wayne Albutt, for more information – wayne.albutt@kwuk.com

Mega Camp Roundup

Mega Camp 2021 brought the dynamic and insightful feel of the exhibition hall floors to our homes. While it is hard to substitute visceral contact and in-person connectivity on a digital platform, opening remarks from Gary Keller reaffirmed that; while we must exercise caution in the face of the pandemic, the spirit of interconnectivity is still alive and well across Keller Williams Worldwide.

President of KWW, Bill Soteroff, also joined in the action to welcome hundreds of participants from across the world to the event, encouraging everyone in attendance to continue connecting even after the event ends. Every Region represented at Mega Camp hosted its own networking ‘room’ to welcome guests from around the world and exchange perspectives.

One of the standout sessions from across the three-day celebration was Mega Agent. Gary Keller sat down with Agents from across the world following the KW model and revolutionising estate agency in their area. This isn’t limited to one state or country; hundreds tuned in to watch Gary speak with property professionals from across the globe who are using the KW model to build businesses that have allowed them to pursue their dreams. We listened to countless stories of people facing near financial ruin who went on to build a property empire, thriving despite coronavirus and revolutionising estate agency using social media.

Another highlight was the Cultural Summit, an inspiring dive into how and why KW operates the way it does. It featured an array of cultural leaders from across the global KW team. We heard many stories from Associates around the globe who are living life with the KW ethos through giving back to their communities and peers in the property world.

Mega Camp is an unforgettable experience that connects us with thousands of individuals worldwide who are all striving to build better lives for their families and communities using the KW business model. Beyond being successful business owners with a passion for people, Mega Camp showed that Keller Williams’ united purpose is so much bigger than one business. We are a network of people who strive for similar things in life, using our shared success to make the world a better place.

This Week in Bullets

  • Message from the Regional Leadership – Chief Operating Officer Andrew Benn outlines how the region is investing in your lead generation and why you should be doing the same.

  • Marketing Update The Summer Campaign, New Brand Style and your September Social Media Calendar are all live.

  • KW Move – Paul Sloan returns to answer the question is ‘What should I charge for and how much should I charge?’

  • Technology Update – KW Vision announcement.

  • Opportunities – New roles available in Central London, Leeds & the Regional Office in Weybridge. We also have exciting new opportunities within our Marketing and Technology teams.

Quote of the Week

“It’s not that we have too little time to do all the things we need to do, it’s that we feel the need to do too many things in the time we have.”

– Gary Keller, The One Thing, Page 46

Culture in Action

13. In building a Market Centre, never recruiting associates from another KW Market Centre.

History of Keller Williams

1995Gary Keller appoints Mo Anderson president and CEO.


ALCAssociate Leadership Council. A group of individuals drawn from the top 20 percent of Market Centre producers.

I hope you enjoy this week’s issue of KiloWatt as much as we enjoyed making it.


Matt Healing
Content Lead, KWUK & Editor, KiloWatt matt.healing@kwuk.com