Leveraging Lead Generation.

Lead Generation is at the core of just about every business. As Gary Keller says, everyone has two jobs: lead gen and their actual role, whatever product or service that supplies.

Today I want to talk to you about leveraged lead generation, how you invest some time and money to get a better result than time alone would have produced.

I’m going to continue improving the different offerings for our agents, with digital lead gen offering on my to-do list, but for now, let’s focus on what is available and the newest proposition, which is Homesearch.

The KWUK regional team has partnered with Homesearch to subsidise both the membership and prospecting letters. The membership has been fully subsidised, so it is free, and the letters subsidised from 44p to 27p for six months. We hope that every agent will engage with this product and make a modest investment at a rate that is almost a no-brainer.

The evidence of this product’s effectiveness is overwhelming, primarily why we have partnered with them for our agents. The level of investment compared to the potential return is fantastic – we believe that an agent investing £100 per month and using Homesearch correctly will generate enough leads for them to complete on 19 transactions in a year – that will Cap any agent in any Market Centre.

In terms of % return, it is in the thousands, and with Royalty capping coming up in a few weeks, the incremental income this could generate for an agent is, for me, mind-blowing!

But to benefit, you’ve got to engage and do it – if you do, I pretty much guarantee an amazing return on your investment and a step towards becoming more leveraged.

Please get involved and make the most of the opportunity we age giving you.


Andrew Benn
Chief Operating Officer, KWUK