Success is a fire. Feed it with learning.

I am a big advocate for what we call ‘continuous learning,’ that is, never assuming you’re at your best.

It can be easy to get caught in thinking, ‘I’ve already done that training’ or ‘I’m implementing all I’ve learnt and don’t need to learn anything else.’ In truth, this mindset is counterproductive to your continued development as a professional and person.

At Keller Williams, we want you to be as successful as you can be; a key to your success will be how dedicated you are to continuous improvement. Repetition is crucial; the Rule of Seven states that you need to hear a piece of information seven times before you start to remember it. Very rarely will a single dose of powerful learning change how you do things; actual progress comes to those dedicated to growth through education. As gold-medal Olympian Mia Hamm puts it, imagine your pursuit of excellence as a fire that you are building through learning.

“I am building a fire, and every day I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match.” —Mia Hamm, gold-medal soccer player

Watch, listen and read. Ask yourself, how many times have you read or listened to The Millionaire Real Estate Agent? How about The One Thing? If the answer is once, twice, three times, it’s not enough. When you consistently examine tried and tested models for success, you will find something new each time that will make you even better at what you do best.

We are all at different stages on the journey towards our goals. Being a student of success will mean you always find the thing you were looking for to push you into that next level of performance. The more you study, the more prepared you will become for the road ahead.

“Passion for something leads to disproportionate time practising or working at it. That time spent eventually translates to skill, and when skill improves, results improve. Better results generally lead to more enjoyment, and more passion and more time is invested. It can be a virtuous cycle all the way to extraordinary results.” – Gary Keller, The One Thing, Page 21

Ben Taylor