Citius, Altius, Fortius

Much has been documented about talent in the various sporting events, namely but not limited to the Tokyo Olympics. What is talent? How do you spot talent? Can you nurture talent? Such questions transcend to business and our professional lives. The Olympic motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together” represents a collaborative mindset bringing faster and better results than working in silos and protecting each silo from the progress of the other silo. Adopting a collaborative mindset within KWUK is at the core of my message this week.

Talent is a mindset, and mindset is a talent. As a leadership team, we often discuss mindset and seeking talent, but what has occurred to me in recent weeks is that the two are synonymous. I truly believe that talent is only effective if it impacts what everyone around you can do, and it is only partly individual. If you apply the right mindset, you’ll find that your talent comes into play more often because the right things are happening around you due to your approach.

Figuratively speaking, we all could jump higher and run faster. 1% gains daily are what we should be focused on. I urge us all to learn a little more from each other and adopt a collaborative mindset. The first Keller Williams belief is win-win. We don’t need to focus on competitors; our focus must be on ourselves and our KW peers/neighbours. Let’s continue to embrace the Keller culture to help drive our businesses forward and be outstanding together. Be proud of who you are, treasure the opportunity you have created for yourself and raise your responsibilities. We have to work as one.

Will Clarke
Regional Growth Director, KWUK