Our value proposition – built on your feedback.

Keller Williams is built for agents, by agents. Only by listening to your feedback and suggestions can we continuously develop our value proposition for you. Working with KW should be an exciting and enriching experience, which is why we continue to refine our value proposition to you in the vein of the first question Gary Keller asked himself when building Keller Williams:

“How can we build a company that everyone will want to join, and no one will want to leave?

We have formed an exciting new partnership with Homesearch that will give every single Associate* the opportunity to benefit from Homesearch’s ground-breaking services at exclusive rates that aren’t available to anyone else in the market right now (*Associates in Scotland will receive access to this service starting in 2022.) We pursued this unique opportunity based on your feedback about how much you love Homesearch’s offering; we will continue to secure market-leading investment opportunities for the services that help your business thrive.

We have also introduced KW Account to assist with your financials, providing leverage to Associates and Market Centres alike. KW Account has a range of service options to assist with the day-to-day financials and bookkeeping tasks that many of you told us you don’t enjoy, freeing you up to focus on your business.

KW Vision is currently in the hands of a select group of agents for Beta testing, providing us with the feedback we need to ensure you receive the platform you’ve been asking for. The testing doesn’t stop there; once KW Vision is in the hands of every Associate, your feedback will ensure we are continuously producing industryleading resources for you to build your abundant lifestyle.

Please speak to your Market Centre Leadership if you have questions or would like to learn more about any of these new propositions. Keep sharing your feedback and suggestions with us so that we can continue improving our proposition and adding value to your businesses.

Charlotte Macleod
Regional Operations Director, KWUK