The first half is coming to an end. Finish the year strong with KW AI.

I did contemplate whether I should use a football analogy after the Euro disappointment, but here goes. 

As we progress through July, it is half-time. The mid-point of your goal target and a fantastic time to evaluate your performance in 2021. If you are just starting out, you have a super chance of building on the market’s momentum and increasing your local market fame. Make sure you win the mindshare battle and avoid going to penalties. (ouch, sorry – too much, right?)

Are you on target to achieve your goal? – if not, you will need to consider more activities or different activities to outperform in the second half of the year. The good news, there is plenty of time.

As you decide on your strategies to improve performance, think leverage. People, systems, tools or all three. How can you reduce your time but do more – much more.

One example of leverage is utilising online marketing so that you can focus on offline lead activities. One consideration is using the KW AI platform, enabling you to drive both applicant and valuation leads without doing any physical work.

To learn more and launch campaigns, take a look at

KW Vision is progressing nicely, and the pilot Market Centre is on track to launch at the end of July, with agent test logins being released this week. Our national roll-out is expected in early September. 

Take aim, focus and score your goal!


Mark Readings
Chief Technology Officer, KWUK