KW Move launches its official ALC.

We are really looking forward to KW Move’s new ALC meeting to be held in July. We are extremely grateful to Jamie Hutton – Prime, Paul Leslie – South Oxford, Liani Mannifield – Weybridge, John Wiltshire – Bromley, Ellie Osbourne – Plus and Josh Smith – London Bridge for giving their time to be a member of this team.

Our aim is for this to be a creative workshop with the important aims of sharing great business ideas and improving our customer experience. If you have any ideas or suggestions that you like brought to the table, you can either contact an ALC member, Jamie Brind or Paul Sloan.

We are also delighted to welcome Jacqui Kabeya to the KW Move team. Jacqui joins Jamie, Lottie and me to focus on our Property Management service and we are all excited to be working with her.

Finally, from the 1st of July there are new rules concerning Right to Rent checks. Please keep a close eye out for an email from Jamie explaining the changes.