The Value Added Fire Hydrant

It hasn’t taken long to understand why the expression “drinking from a fire hydrant” gets referenced so much throughout the onboarding process within Keller Williams. If it’s not book recommendations, it’s FSO; if it’s not FSO, it’s Lead Gen Training; if it’s not Lead Gen Training, it’s Ignite; so on and so forth.

The opportunities to learn and to enjoy the richness of life seem endless here at KW. Frankly, I can’t begin to articulate how lucky we are to have such learning potential at our fingertips. I’ve been part of the KWUK leadership team for a little over a month now and what I’ve been most struck by is our focus on providing value to Associates. We’re constantly assessing what more we can do to continue to make KWUK the best opportunity for every estate agent in the land.

I’m so grateful to be part of this journey, and I believe it will be full of excitement and rich learnings. As Regional Growth Director, I’m wholly committed to source and assist leaders in building careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living.


Will Clark
Regional Growth Director, KWUK