Establishing the Regional Associate Leadership Council

The original ALC created a Keller Williams that no one would ever want or need to leave. In 1986, Gary Keller and the first Associate Leadership Council (ALC) convened to reinvent Keller Williams.

The young company, which was functioning as a traditional property company with traditional commission splits, had just lost seven of its top ten producers to a competitor. There was no discord; they were simply seeking better deals.

Heeding the lesson, Gary turned to the ALC and began an extraordinary journey.

He proposed that he and the Associates work together to construct a company with a world-class culture and environment. He envisioned a company that agents could enjoy and prosper in, throughout their career—and beyond.

This ALC constructed the WI4C2TES belief system, established higher commission splits so agents could make their own business spending decisions, and developed the Growth Share program; revolutionary systems that treat associates in the company as if they were partners in the business.

The ALC was created to foster a culture of abundance and to grow strong leaders. By building strong and prosperous businesses, ALCs create an environment for everyone to thrive.

Each of our MCs in the UK has now or is in the process of establishing their own ALC. We are really excited to be inviting some individuals to represent their MC at the KWUK Regional ALC which will kick off in July and work with the Regional Leadership Team to help us building a Region that is truly built by Agents for Agents, delivering amazing service to our clients and is uniquely prosperous, by focusing on four key elements: GROWTH, PRODUCTIVITY, PROFITABILITY, and CULTURE.

Once the membership is confirmed, we’ll let you know the details of the Regional ALC and their key priorities for the next 3-6 months.

Charlotte Macleod
Regional Operations Director, KWUK