Chapter of The MREA: Part Two – The Four Stages: The Four Issues Of Receive A Million

The final stages of your business development will force you to make the jump from a business owner to generating passive income from your business as it becomes almost entirely self sufficient – The MREA calls this final stage Receive a Million. Gary Keller outlines the four key issues that you are likely to face during this critical point in your business’ growth, which we will be going in-depth on over the next four issues. For now, here is an overview of The Four Issues of Receive a Million:

1. Active vs Passive Income

When you step out of your business, you need to understand that this doesn’t absolve you of responsibility. As an owner, you will still have a roll to play in your business to ensure you continue to Receive a Million.

2. The Opportunity of the 7th Level

There are numerous routes to building, investing in, and exiting a business. Most are difficult, but some are harder than others. In The MREA, Gary Keller proposes that growing your job into a 7th level business is the smartest option available if you want to be a Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

3. The Three Key Hires of a Millionaire Business

You are three great hires away from forming the foundations of a Milionaire Real Estate Agent Business. To make sure you go about hiring the right people, you need to learn how to recruit, train, consult and keep (R/T/C/K) the very best “capacity” talent.

4. Your Role and Responisbilities

If you have what it takes to build an Earn a Million business, you will need to ensure you hold everyone in your organisation to the same standards you hold yourself to. To do this, you need to assure you hold your team accountable in three key areas: leadership, people and capital.

Join us next week, where we will go in-depth on the first Issue of Receive a Million, Active vs Passive Income.