Let Only business – It’s a matter of trust.

Most high street agents are not particularly interested in Let Only business. There’s a good reason for that, it’s not as profitable for them as a fully managed service! This gives us a wonderful opportunity because we can and should be talking to landlords that other agents are avoiding.

A fully managed service is the highest level of service that we offer. It gives our customers the best protection and the least hassle. Whilst in KW Move we will always believe that we should offer our customers the best available solution, some are not ready to buy just yet, and that’s fine! It’s far better to work with a customer on a let only basis and give ourselves the opportunity to nurture that relationship and upsell in the future having built trust.

Most let only landlords I’ve known don’t enjoy chasing arrears, they certainly don’t enjoy the late night calls from a tenant complaining about a dripping tap! Make sure that when that happens, you’ve built enough trust to enable you to upsell, building yourself a very attractive passive income at the same time.