Introducing the KWUK Market Centre Expansion £5000 Incentive Bonus

How would you best invest a minimum of £5000 into your business?

You could consider – Build your Lead Generation business; Spoil your current Contacts with worthy, applicable and useful property related gifts to stay top of mind and generate referrals and repeat business; Employ your First or Second hire in terms of the MREA Business Model; Invest in or expand your paidfor marketing; Upgrade your mobile phone, laptop, or upgrade your Webcam for more effective virtual conversations with clients; Hire a professional photographer to more effectively market your listings – the choices are endless, but all of us could do with more financial resources to grow our business. There are many ways to increase your GCI and your Profit, and the MREA models the best business approaches. However, there is now an additional way.

Introducing the KWUK Market Centre Expansion £5000 Incentive Bonus

Keller Williams Realty International is the biggest international estate agency group by agent count, transactions and income generated.

Keller Williams United Kingdom (KWUK) is purposefully and rapidly expanding throughout the UK and is establishing Market Centres in up to 100 locations across the UK.  

The average Market Centre around the globe has over 200 Agents associated with each Market Centre – the Agent Centric Value Proposition makes this achievable. On average, the result will be that Keller Williams will be the biggest and most influential estate agency group in the UK – this is our vision, and you are part of it and you are treated as a stakeholder.

KWUK focuses on finding the right talent, Operating Principals and Investors, for new KW Market Centres. The best way to truly treat every current KW Associate as a stakeholder is to make this opportunity available to you, and now with added benefits above and beyond Growth Share. Effective immediately, any current KW Associate is encouraged to refer who you believe to be the right talent to either Will Clark or Wayne Albutt. Should the person you refer ultimately be awarded a Market Centre in a new area, you will receive £5000 as a onceoff Incentive Bonus.

So what does the right talent look like – take a good look at your current OP and others who are already part of our KWUK Family. Contact your OP/MCD/MCM for a copy of a typical profile and narrative of who this talent needs to be and what they would look like.

We look forward to awarding new Market Centre licences in new territories to people who you already know.

Please contact Will Clark, KWUK Director of Growth (07887 520063 /, or Wayne Albutt, KWUK Regional Director (07719 137474 /, for more information.

Wayne Albutt
Regional Development Director, KWUK