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Stat of the Week

Britains top cities for first-time buyers.

The advent of coronavirus and the following waves of lockdowns has caused a widespread rewiring of the way we think about our homes. The subsequent revelations about how we interact with our living space have caused many fortunate buyers to flock to countryside and coastal areas searching for larger houses in more peaceful settings. Many city centres have seen a downturn in prices following the exodus of buyers to more rural locations.

With restrictions are coming to a gradual end and as more retail and leisure spaces reopen, demand for homes in the city is rising once again. This dip in prices is the ideal time to buy a home in the city, and with the governments 95% mortgage guarantee scheme, more and more buyers are flooding the market in hopes of landing their dream home at a reasonable price.

Rightmove have gathered information on which cities across Britain have dropped in house prices since January 2021, with Leeds and Sheffields city centres leading the pack in affordability. Both cities dropped -4% in asking price since January, followed closely by Nottingham City Centre at -3%. Cardiff comes in at fourth place with depreciation of -1% in asking prices since January, with fifth place tied between Liverpool, Birmingham and Norwich. Unsurprisingly, there has been little, if any, recorded change in prices for London and Manchester City Centres, joined by Hull and Newcastle as the only cities with no change in asking prices.

So, if you are dealing with first-time buyers looking to capitalise on the current dip in prices, their best bets for a deal are in Leeds and Sheffield. You can see Rightmoves entire breakdown of the best cities for first-time buyers below.

City Centre Average asking price April 2021 Average asking price Janurary 2021 % change
Leeds City Centre £159,972 £166,760 -4%
Sheffield City Centre £124,097 £128,606 -4%
Nottingham City Centre £178,390 £183,542 -3%
Cardiff City Centre £209,130 £212,521 -2%
Southampton City Centre £206,637 £209,586 -1%
Liverpool City Centre £161,860 £163,900 -1%
Birmingham City Centre £215,604 £217,524 -1%
Norwich City Centre £226,354 £228,258 -1%
Manchester City Centre £230,796 £231,766 0%
Newcastle City Centre £170,512 £170,148 0%
Hull City Centre £127,208 £126,776 0%
London (first-time buyer prices) £477,001 £474,950 0%