‘How’s your database?’ (again)

In my last article, nattily named ‘how’s your database’, I talked about the importance of building and nurturing your database – I really do think these two points, two of the three elements of our Agent Success Formula, are worthy of mention again – and you never know, ‘how’s your database 3’ could be coming to a newsletter near you soon!

In all seriousness building and nurturing your database are the key elements of the KW model, so I just want to try and be the angel on your shoulder and keep whispering them in your ear.

So a couple of thoughts for the week, firstly, are you focused on a daily database growth number, it could just be 1, it doesn’t really matter as long as you have connected your level of database growth to your goals and dreams, that way, hopefully you will feel motivated to achieve it – if you haven’t made that connection, please reach out to your MC Leadership who will show you how your Agent Business plan does this for you.

Secondly, how’s your Nurture programme? Some Agents have mentioned to me that “it’s a bit complicated and I’ve not really engaged with it”, unless you have hired someone else to do this for you, with respect, this is madness! If Nurturing your Database is the second key element of your success, you’ve got to do it. If you find KW Nurture a bit intimidating, that’s ok, but don’t disregard it, make the effort to learn it, it is a bit complicated but it’s not rocket science! – you can master it.

As I said, I hope you find my article like the angel on your shoulder, whispering the things in your ear that will genuinely help you achieve your goals and dreams, because, realistically, that is all the Regional Team and the MC Leadership are here to do.

Have a breath-taking week!

Andrew Benn
Chief Operations Officer, KWUK