On this page you will find all the latest updates from KW Propel.

Your Summer Campaign is Live

Beautiful weather, bbq’s, back with our friends and family, summer is here! And with it comes KWUK’s Summer Campaign assets! Use our new collection of assets and captions to make your mark on your leads this summer. We have created several new assets, featuring our unique brand style and vibrant summer imagery to help you stand out from the crowd on social media. Check your Subscriber Folder today to get access to your new Summer Campaign assets.

KWUK’s new brand style is now live

Colour is here! Our new brand style gives KWUK a sleek, simplified and colourful new look to enhance our iconic branding while playing on Keller Williams’ rich heritage.

Your June Social Media Calendar is Live

From today, all associate subscribers will receive their updated Social Media Content Calendar for June, which contains more new content, an outline of when and what to post, alongside expert guidance on optimally using each platform. Check your KW Propel subscriber folder on Google Drive to find your updated social media calendar.

Updates to Marketing at KWUK

We are refocusing our approach by bringing Marketing in house, increasing the value you get from being a KW Agent, with added services for you to leverage if and when you need them.

New Brand Guidelines are coming soon

Watch this space! The new Brand Guidelines are in the pipeline and will be with you soon. While we can’t release the specifics, rest assured the assets are in production and looking good. Make sure to check back soon for more information.

Nurture training with Emma Bashford is now live

Now you have been set up with Nurture by your market centre, do you want to get the most out of your Nurture campaigns? Propel now offers group and individual Nurture training sessions lead by Nurture native Emma Bashford to get you up to speed with best practice, along with tips for mastering the platform. Learning how to leverage Nurture properly is the boost your business needs.

Once you are signed up, set up, and introduced to Nurture by your Market Centre, contact Emma Bashford to level up your Nurture today.

Check out the table for more pricing information, with exclusive discounts for all Propel subscribers.

Keller Williams designs and the images used, like all originated design, are subject to copyright. It is illegal to use them without express permission by Propel, the marketing arm of Keller Williams UK. It is also illegal to use them in any changed form.

However, we may consider you using assets, in their original (unchanged) form for Propel subscribers, again with express permission and if it is within the usage scope of the image license bought.

It is not illegal to share such original, unchanged assets in an official Keller Williams Associate or Market Centre capacity e.g on social media as long as it is unchanged, in an appropriate and property business promotional way. 

We would invite and encourage such sharing for the collective benefit of Keller Williams, Associate and Market Centre brands.