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YouGov Stat of the Week

Housing is the most important issue facing the country for Londoners, according to YouGov. For Londoners, housing leads the pack at 44%, followed closely by crime at 43%. In contrast, the rest of the country chose the economy at 49% and health at 48% as the country’s most significant issues.

The similarities begin to emerge when you look at the top five issues chosen by Londoners compared to the rest of the country. 

Which of the following do you think are the most important issues facing the country/London at this time?

Both subsects of the population voted for the same five issues, just in different order of priority.

Londoners chose housing (44%), crime (43%), the economy (36%), health (32%) then the environment (24%) as their order of priority.

On the other hand, the country as a whole opted for the economy (49%), health (48%), crime (31%), housing (29%) and the environment (27%) as their most important issues.




National Average


The economy

While it may be easy to assume that there isn’t much to garner from this information on a surface level, the order of priorities and the percentage of people who voted for each issue paints a picture of London’s struggle as an isolated entity from the rest of the country. While health has shot into the top five issues for both demographics, following the advent of coronavirus, it is the sixth most important issue facing the country that clearly distinguishes the priorities for both sects. For Londoners, it is transport (18%) that nearly makes the top five. Conversely, transport is the joint second lowest priority for the rest of the country (5%). Meanwhile, the country as a whole had a clear outlier for the sixth spot, Britain leaving the EU (26%), a marginally less important issue for Londoners (16%).

Regardless of the conversation to be had about Brexit and the surrounding misinformation, issues like transport and housing are having a substantially more significant impact on Londoners than the rest of the country. Following Sadiq Khan’s recent re-election as London Mayor, it will be interesting to see if Londoners get their most important issues tackled. Kahn has pledged to introduce more “Council homes, not luxury apartments. Campaigning for the introduction of rent controls” and “Tackling crime despite government cuts.”

Housing needs to be a priority in London, “1 every 52 people in the capital” are homeless and living in temporary accommodation, a staggering figure that should inspire action. With several large high street chains closing stores in the city following lockdowns, the opportunity has presented itself for change, as “new measures could make it easier to convert unused shops into homes”.

You can see the full breakdown of the ten most important issues facing the country, from the perspective of Londoners and the rest of the country, below.

Which of the following do you think are the most important issues facing the country/London at this time?


  • Housing 44% 44%
  • Crime 43% 43%
  • The economy 36% 36%
  • Health 32% 32%
  • The environment 24% 24%
  • Transport 18% 18%
  • Britain leaving the EU 16% 16%
  • Immigration and Asylum 12% 12%
  • Education 9% 9%
  • Welfare benefits 6% 6%

National Average

  • The economy 49% 49%
  • Health 48% 48%
  • Crime 31% 31%
  • Housing 29% 29%
  • The environment 27% 27%
  • Britain leaving the EU 26% 26%
  • Immigration and Asylum 15% 15%
  • Education 14% 14%
  • Tax 6% 6%
  • Defence and security, Transport and Family life & childcare 5% 5%