Supporting your business, no matter the market

In a month that has seen the UK begin its gradual creep out of lockdown, we can begin to move cautiously forward with the hope for a future unencumbered by the restrictions that have kept us from our friends and families for so long. The UK property market has been in a relatively healthy patch, following the announcements in the Chancellor’s Budget for 2021, and the good times look set to continue as far as house prices are concerned.

The Halifax’s HPI (House Price Index) for April 2021 saw house prices beat March’s record-setting numbers, with an average price of £258,204 per property, 1.4% higher than March’s figures. This looks even better when you compare prices to this time last year. House prices in April 2021 are up a whopping 8.2% from April 2020. While this doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind, it is undoubtedly a great time to be a property professional.

Russell Gallet, Managing Director of Halifax, remarked on the “growing optimism in the long-term outlook of the UK economy as the vaccination programme continues at pace, yet we remain cautious about the medium-term prospects of the housing market.”

It seems that we have a lot to be positive about in business and life. As Gary Keller maintains in all of his work, you need to be prepared to thrive in any market, not just a healthy one. So, ensure you know your targets and ensure you are doing everything you can to hit them.

The Regional Leadership are hard at work to ensure you have a consistent stream of technology, training, operations and marketing to drive you toward success in business and life. The people, systems and tools around you will guide your success. Ensure you are making the most of them at all times, and success is sure to come your way.

Matt Healing
Content Lead, KW Propel