Chapter of The MREA: Part Two – The Four Stages: Implementing the Models – Leads

Once you overcome these four challenges, there will be no limits on what you can achieve with your lead-generation model.

  1. Sustaining a solid lead-generation program that emphasises marketing and consistently increases the number of leads.

The first mistake many estate agents make when independently lead-generating is that they settle or stop altogether. Gary Keller likens your lead-generation model to a shark. Just as the shark sits at the top of the food chain in the ocean, your lead-generation model is the number one action that will keep your business on a trajectory of continuous growth. However, just like the shark must constantly swim to survive, your lead-generation model dies the second you stop or slow down.

  1. Tracking and converting leads through others.

You are either already very skilled at converting leads into closed transactions or are well on your way there at Keller Williams UK. There will come a stage in your business growth where you will need to hand the reigns over to a member of staff so that you can continue to pursue higher heights for your business trajectory. Once you have reached a level seven business, you will be able to step away from your business to earn a million in passive income. When this time comes, ensure you are prepared to hand over control and impart your knowledge to your staff.

3. Protecting your lead-generation focus time.

Lead-generation is the most pound-productive activity you can do for your estate agency. To pursue business success at the highest level in estate agency, you must be prepared to protect your lead-generation time at all costs.

While it may seem challenging to find a balance between lead-generating along with all of the other responsibilities and challenges that come with running a business, you need to ensure you have time blocked off every single day to pursue new leads. This will drive your business through good markets and bad.
4. Weighing your options – the process of discovering what works and doesn’t work for you.

There is no value in discounting a model that doesn’t return immediate results; the same goes for immediately committing to a model that produces results in the short term. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent tracks and analyses each facet of their business over time to see what works and what doesn’t. Let results guide you, but don’t jump the gun on a model that doesn’t immediately send your numbers skyrocketing. Finding the right set of models for you and your business will inevitably take time, but once you have found the right mix, there is no stopping your business’ growth.

Next week we will cover the key issues presented by the second L – listings. Stay tuned to KiloWatt to find out more.