Charlotte Macleod
Regional Operations Director, KWUK

The foundation of Keller Williams’ culture is the WI4C2TES.

We genuinely believe that the Keller Williams Culture is unique.

We know that in an environment that treats all people with regard and respect, everybody thrives. This outlook drives our success in growth, productivity and profitability.

As your businesses evolve, our 12 Market Centres mature, and Keller Williams UK’s presence around the country expands, we remain entirely focused on how we can build on the support we are already providing to you as a Regional Leadership Team. Each element of WI4C2TES is embedded in all that we do.

Developing a robust set of technology, training, operations, and marketing is core to this. We are continuing to make significant progress, demonstrated in last week’s SOYC.

We are also working on improving processes both to support you in the services you are providing and protect you and your clients in the marketplace. We stay close to all that the US and our colleagues across the globe are doing to share learnings from them, and we closely track the UK market developments.

We are always keen to get your feedback and thoughts to inform our priorities, so please do utilise your Market Centre ALC and Leadership Team to share your suggestions on how we can help you strengthen and grow your business.

TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More

Charlotte Macleod
Regional Operations Director


“No one succeeds alone and no one fails alone. Pay attention to the people around you.”

Gary Keller

Co-Founder, Keller Williams