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Marketing 101: Marketing the MREA Way

This Wednesday 28th April Chief Marketing Officer, Simon Leadbetter will be sharing marketing advice in an exclusive series of training sessions designed to support your business growth. The MREA stands on the shoulders of giants, by exploring these concepts further, your business will be better equipped to grow faster and generate more success.

Take advantage of this free session to help gain some knowledge to grow your business. Sign up via Eventbrite here

Your May social media calendar is now live

From 26th April, all associate subscribers will receive their updated Social Media Content Calendar for May, which contains more new content, an outline of when and what to post, alongside expert guidance on optimally using each platform. Check your KW Propel subscriber folder on Google Drive to find your updated social media calendar.

What you missed at the latest State of Your Company

Ben Taylor, CEO – Quarter Summary

  • Our vision is to be the “No.1 Real estate company in the UK empowering our agents to deliver a world-class experience to their customers.”
  • UK market overview – It’s been a brilliant Quarter. March smashed the 100,000 transactions a month average, with 190,000. 445,000 total transactions in Quarter 1. This was 16,000 more than the previous high (Q1 2007). Mortgages more readily available, and Stamp Duty extension enables more people to move. 
  • Leeds has seen the highest jump in asking prices month on month in the UK. Houses go under offer quickly; you be the #1 or #2 agent in everyone’s mind in your database – your touch programme needs to be adding value. 
  • Prices are increasing, with no indication of a big tail off after most Stamp Duty savings end in June. 
  • KW Worldwide update: 5 continents, 12,068+ agents (outside USA), 249+ MCs. 
  • Q1 performance: record-breaking Quarter. Over 350 Associates at KWUK. 356% increase in the number of closed units. 371% increase in Growth Share – £37,000 distributed across the KWUK family.

Simon Leadbetter, CMO – Marketing Update

  • 29% of estate agents hate their job (8x national average). This isn’t the case at KWUK.
  • 100% KW customers would recommend us.
  • 69% of the KWUK family gave KWUK 5/5, while 21% gave 4/5. That means over 90% of people who work here give KWUK 4 out of 5 or higher.
  • 10th May – The launch of Keller Williams’ story for Market Centres.
  • 13th May – Red Day, we will be litter picking; please get involved! The most shared picture from RED Day will win a prize.

Mark Readings, CTO – Technology Update

  • KW Vision is KWUK’s single platform to combine all tools into one system. 
  • KW Vision enables agents to do more business in less time with more income streams.
  • KW Vision incorporates Nurture and lead generation, allowing you to connect with other agents, and is constantly improving. 
  • KW Vision begins testing next week.

Charlotte Macleod, ROD – Training Update

  • Quantum Leap is happening next Thursday. Anyone can come, but the event is specifically aimed at 18-24-year-olds. If you want to build a great life, attend Quantum Leap. Tell one young person you know about this opportunity. 
  • FSO – If you, or anyone you know, would be a good fit to open a Market Centre, come along to Introduction to KW FSO on 5th May.

Ben Taylor, CEO – Interview with star performers  

  • Tom started in February 2021 but didn’t get going until March. Through hard work and support from the KWUK family, he has listed 15+ properties in 6-7 weeks. 
  • Jamie started in January 2020 and used lockdown as a driver to succeed despite the situation. He is now finding great success in both lettings and sales. Jamie listens to reggae music to de-stress!

Charlotte Macleod, ROD & Diane Griffin, Chairman of the Board – Quarterly Awards

  • 100+ new joiners since January 2021.
  • KW is the #6 place to work for women in the US (IWD) – Claire Readings, Ev Foster and Hannah Leggett were all recognised as fantastic women in KWUK.
  • MC Awards: Biggest growth in agent count – KW PLUS. Most listings taken: KW London Bridge. Largest number of completions: KW Prime. Most Gross Commission Income generated: KW Prime
  • Agent Awards: Most listings: Michael Bailey. Highest number of completions: Dominic Marcel. Highest sold price: Sharon Hines. Most lettings move-ins: Maryanne Sanyaolu. Highest Gross Commission Income: Alex Harvey
  • New awards are coming next Quarter. There will be an Agent of the Month from May onwards!

New additions to the KW Propel team

KW Propel is delighted to announce three new additions to our full-time staff. Welcome, Iza Albutt, Amber Hovell-Boulton and Kristian Clarke to the KW Propel team.
Iza Albutt

Iza Albutt

Account Director, KW Propel

Amber Hovell-Boulton

Amber Hovell-Boulton

Internal Comms & HR Lead, KW Propel

Kristian Clarke

Kristian Clarke

Creative Director, KW Propel

Nurture training with Emma Bashford is now live

Now you have been set up with Nurture by your market centre, do you want to get the most out of your Nurture campaigns? Propel now offers group and individual Nurture training sessions lead by Nurture native Emma Bashford to get you up to speed with best practice, along with tips for mastering the platform. Learning how to leverage Nurture properly is the boost your business needs.

Jet subscribers get Nurture set up as part of their subscription, along with a one-hour Nurture training session for free.

Once you are signed up, set up, and introduced to Nurture by your Market Centre, contact Emma Bashford to level up your Nurture today.

Check out the table for more pricing information, with exclusive discounts for all Propel subscribers.

Campaign of the Season

All Propel seasonal campaigns are personalised for subscribers only. If you want access to campaign collateral and so much more, Propel offers a range of priced subscriptions to boost your lead generation and visibility. Subscribe to a Propel package today.

Spring is here! And with it comes a new lead generation campaign for associates and market centres from Propel. Our new Spring Campaign highlights the benefits of moving in spring and the benefits of joining the KWUK family. This campaign will help generate Propel subscribers a new batch of leads for spring, whether you are an associate looking for spring movers or a market centre looking to help entrepreneurial property experts get started as business owners.

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